The Director of Ceremonies of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge.

The Director of Ceremonies's duties and principle role is the organization of processions and ensuring the correct precedence and etiquette in formal proceedings. It is his duty to formally conduct visitors into the lodge and introduce them to the members when the lodge is in session.

 Longueville Lodge lodge of instruction meetings on a Friday evening at 7.30 pm held at Bletchley Masonic Center, we are currently rehearsing for a third degree so anyone of the rank of Master Mason is welcome to attend 

It has come to my attention that there a number of faces missing from the LOI meetings, which is a shame as more often than not, these are members are that instrumental in the running of a ceremony and have years of experience that many of the newer brethren could really benefit from, as well as enable us to actually rehearse a complete meeting.

I understand that masonry is a hobby and we all have busy lives myself included and appreciate there are times where attending is difficult, but after recent events and comments made about our lodge I feel that the benefits of running a strong and active LOI can not go unmentioned. Whether you are newer member and currently do not have an office, a current officer within the lodge (yes guys, you are the really important ones) or an experienced mason and able to give up some of your time to support us it would be fantastic to see you. We will find a job for everyone and I will make sure you will all take something away from the evenings. 

It’s not a place where we just drone on about the ritual or which trouser leg you have to roll up but a place where you can ask the questions about things you don’t understand, a place to practice for your moment in the spot light so you don’t fluff it on the night, as well coming along to support the lodge we all hold so close to our hearts.  

Please do not see this as my moment on a soap box but as a open invitation and request that all brethren attend as often as your can without detriment.

We having a break this Friday but will recommence on the 18th November with our preparations for the third degree and I hope to see you all there. For those who are the rank of Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft who unfortunately would be unqualified to attend currently, if there is anything you would like to know or do not understand and would like it explained to you, then feel free to get in contact with me.  

W.Bro Sam Everett"